English Communication Lab

The Language lab plays a key role to learn the language in a happy atmosphere and in a successful way. Both the teacher and the students’ inputs are very important in this kind of learning activity. Since students from various cultures are not confident to master the skills of the English language and the proficiency, we have installed the English communication lab as a technological break to help them. The language proficiency and confidence in communication is enhanced as they gain a rich and diverse exposure to the multimedia.

  • Language laboratory is an audio-visual installation used in modern teaching methods to learn English.
  • The multimedia based language lab helps to learn and enhance the language proficiency by sharing the course materials with in a second where the teacher and students are involved effortlessly.
  • By using professional sound technology with video broadcasting function, the language lab provides a rich environment to learn the language.
  • The language lab motivates students' learning attitude, providing an interactive learning environment.